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Help me find more yoga leggings that are high rise


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So, I bought some Lucy Perfect Core leggings- absolutely love them!!!! However, I don't exactly love the price- I  bought mine for $57 but they only had them in one color and really if I can find something similar for cheaper that would be stellar. They are plenty thick so I don't have to worry about showing off anything but the fabric wicks well. I love the higher rise, as a mom of 4 my lower belly has a bit of excess skin and when in inversions I like to keep everything under wraps. These also have a slight compression that feels and looks fabulous. I looked at some at Target (Champion C9) after reading some good reviews but I cannot find the rise for any of their pants. The perfect core ones are 9.5 in, which is just about perfect, I wouldn't want them any lower but could stand maybe an inch higher. Recommendations?


I found some Nike Legend 2.0 on 6pm, which seem to fit the bill, on Zappos they are very well reviewed


Any others I should look at?




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LL Bean?


I just bought some leggings from them that have pockets (!!), and they actually go up to and STAY on my waist. That's unheard of for me. I may never take them off. I think they are or were in their Signature line, but I got them at the outlet or a steep discount. Not sure if all their leggings/yoga pants fit this well, but I plan to find out! They would be worth any price, IMO.

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