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FLL 1 or FLL 1&2


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I'm planning to do FLL 1 or 1/2 with Buddy next fall if he's interested. (K4, turning 5 in November)  I have seen some talk about the differences between the new FLL 1 and the older, combined FLL 1&2.  


I'm looking for input from those of you who have used either or both and what your opinions are on the differences/similarities in these.  I vaguely recall hearing people liking the combined 1/2 book better?

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I own both.   Really they are VERY, VERY, VERY similar.   You could pretty much use either and be fine IMHO.  


The layout of the newer version is much nicer.   The older version pretty much as a bunch of text on a page....not as many headings and stuff like that.  S The older version also reviews the poetry from FLL 1 throughout.  (But you could easily do that on your own.) 

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