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Spanish for a 5th grader

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I looking for a spanish program to use with my daughters next year. I will have a 4th grader and a 5th grader but my 4th grader works ahead most of the time. I am planning on doing challenge at cc so in 2 years we will need to move onto latin. My husband's family lives in Mexico and his dad and cousins only speak spanish and we visit once a year so we need spanish for practical reasons. I don't mind an intense program but my spanish is shakey so I need something that helps with teaching. I am hoping that since they are so often exposed to spanish that they will catch on faster but they haven't caught on to anything yet so I don't know if it will make a difference.

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I finally taught Trinqueta Spanish the summer before 6th grade by getting a high school text (BJU, because I got it for free but turned out to be well organized). I signed her up for an online Spanish 2 for August and we started in March . Every time she balked I reminded her of the class that started in August. I made silly or snarky comments with the grammar and vocabulary she knew throughout the day. On our annual trip, she realized her same aged Venezuelan cousins are almost fluent in English and she'd better get her tail in gear. Plus, she was just old enough to learn via grammar and study.


If you can't grab a Spanish book and go or make comments in Spanish off the cuff, hand it off to your dh. In 15 minutes a day everyday you can get a lot done especially if you can turn on Spanish radio or read bilingual signs or hear people speaking Spanish around you. I didn't buy or use the cds, I just read the dialogues and made up my own sentences for the listening comprehension. That worked well because we could just curl up with the book and do it orally. I only had Trinqueta write answers in the workbook so it was almost all oral work.


If you can't hand it off to your dh, I'd try Breaking the Spanish Barrier on the ipad for $15 or All in One's homeschool Spanish for free first.



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My plan for 2nd grade, but goof for 4th/5th as well: Getting started With Spanish while watching Salsa, adding Duolingo in for the second semester along with this Free Kindle Spanish Reader (this plan costs a total of $10).



Spanish For Children


So You Really Want To Learn Spanish


Spanish in 10 Minutes A Day




Spanish Readers

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