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math practice for summer

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My daughter is in 1st grade and has done so great with learning her addition and subtraction math facts that I want to make something for her for summer to help her practice and not loose them with her summer break.  I've contemplated continuing on to her next math book, but I think we both will need a break this summer and doing formal school during the summer I don't think will happen.  (mommy needs a break) So I've been trying to find a way to continue practicing those math facts. 


I have some games planned for the summer.  I'm planning of buying Tri-fact-a, Math war, and addition/subtraction Candlyland.

Can you help me expand my game list?  Some I can just buy and some I can make?


I'm also going to make math fact practice worksheets.  Either like the timed test ones (but I won't time them) or fun worksheets that only pracice addition or subtraction. I don't want to make them by hand if I don't have to.  I've been looking around and I can't find any premade. ie. buy them already made.  Does anyone know a great site to print them, or buy them already made?  Or ideas of how you keep your kids skills up with out having to continue a math curriculum.  I want her to have daily (5 days a week) practice. 


Thanks for the idea.


Edited to add:  Has anyone used Timez attack?  The online game?

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My dd is a little older, but I plan on using Evan Moor Daily Math Review after finishing our math for the year, which should be in another month or so. It's about five problems a day, can be done in a few minutes, and multiple concepts are hit.


We used Daily Language Review this year and it was great.

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Where do you get them?  Is it a workbook?


You can get them directly from the publisher (just google Righstart Math) or of course from many other homsechooling suppliers, I don't know where you normally shop through.


No, it's not a workbook.  It's (mostly) card games. So there are some special decks of cards, and a book that tells how to use them.  You can either buy those separately, or as a kit with the fractions chart and abacus with it, I think.  Anyway, yeah, card games.  So for instance, "Go to the Dump" which is a variant on Go Fish, where you're trying to make pairs that add to ten.  So instead of looking for pairs, if you have a 4 you're asking for a 6.  You can, of course, also play the same game looking for pairs that add to 8, or 9, or 11, or 12 (you would take out the "10" and "9" cards if you're adding to 8, of course...)  But anyway, you get the idea.


The games book is divided into categories.  Number sense games (recognizing numbers, sequencing numbers, matching numbers to sets of dots, etc.), Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Fractions, Time, Money.  You can just look in the section you want and pick a game.  The games increase in difficulty, so the first game in each section is very easy, but gets progressively harder.  You can, apparently, teach fractions basically by starting at the beginning of the section and working through it...

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Math Mammoth has free worksheets you can use!

The Living math website has lots of fun suggestions.


Long chain solitaire and addition war are other good RS games. Corners is definitely our favorite, though and there are lots of variations.


Sum Swamp and Snap It Up are good for facts review too and cheap on Amazon.

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My daughter is asking me to get "wrap ups" so she can put some "keys" in her cup holder for car trips. She wraps a piece of cord around from the "questions" to the "answers" and then turns the key over -- if it is correct, it lines up with lines drawn on back.


They have the addition ones at the Montessori she attends, and I think they are individual keys. The ones for sale now all seem attached. The addition ones are here: http://www.amazon.com/Learning-Wrap-Ups-WU-K101-Wrap-ups-Addition/dp/B0007P95JU

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