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it's a small world


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dh just heard from one of his oldest and dearest friends after she received dd's wedding announcement. . . .


she's first cousin's with the groom's father.  (does that mean you'll make it to the wedding?  -she lives in another state.)

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LOL  It is funny how life works out sometimes.  



Ds  attends a very small, religious university, in a large city that just so happens to have a reputable basketball team.


He found a parking pass in his mail box at school, that had his last name on it, but a different first name.  After telling us that there is another student with our last name , we told him that it is his first cousin ( we have an uncommon name, and his first name is even more so).  We have zero connection with this part of the family, so he not seen this cousin since he was a very young child, and didn't even know his name. His cousin is there solely for a basketball scholarship and not the majors provided.  Their paths would have crossed on campus going to classes/activities, but had it not been for the parking pass mixup, they would have never known they were first cousins.  

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