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Making a too small rug work


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I bought a really pretty 5x7 rug for my laundry room. Turns out it is 5ft 3 in x 7 ft 4 in??? Makes no sense to me but it won't work where I wanted to put it. I still love the rug and there is no way to wrap it up and return it anyway.


I have a large front room. The way the windows and doors are, there is no room for a sofa so it has 4 chairs, 2 bookcases, a small dresser and a couple side tables. I've put the rug in the middle of the room but it is way too small. But, the pattern looks really nice in here! How can I make this work?? I thought about getting a coffee table and making a seating area with a couple chairs, the rug and a coffee table?? But then what do I do with the rest of the room?


Bonus points if you can show me a picture!

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Following! We have 3 smaller rugs that my husband bought on his travels before we married. We really like them, but rarely have a space where they fit perfectly. Every time we move (every 2-3 years), I end up looking for ideas of how to use them in our new space!


Moxie, I really like the layered rug look, but I'm not sure that it would solve the size problem, since the larger rug just becomes the floor for the smaller rug. I do love how a rug can help define a separate seating area--like you suggested, the coffee table and two chairs. It also could work well as the base of a reading nook if you have a suitable area where you could put a bookcase or two, a comfy chair (maybe with a footstool), and a side table with a lamp and a coaster.


So much depends on the layout of the room you're working with. Any way you could post a picture, or a hand-drawn diagram of the room, including where the windows and doors are, as well as an idea of the relative size of the rug and furniture? (I'm almost positive I found a website where you could enter dimensions and it would allow you to virtually rearrange furniture to see how it fit, but it was a long time ago and I have no idea where it was.)

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