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Circling around CLE math again

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Someone tell me the two main differences between Saxon math and CLE math....


The curriculum director of our charter school thinks Saxon would be the best for two of my kids now. 


I have Saxon here sitting in front of me Saxon 65 that is and nothing is making me scream ---yes this is it...

Since so many people praise CLE math ...what is it that makes you scream it is working. 

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It has been a couple of years since I have looked at Saxon in any depth, I only briefly used it, and I don't have it in my house anymore so I can't really do a one to one comparison just based on looks.  I CAN tell you more details about what I really like and sort of don't like regarding CLE, if that would be of interest.  I can also share the things I have heard about Saxon but that would be second hand information...


Have you looked at the samples on-line of CLE?

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