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We are finishing up AAS2 and will continue onto level 3 in the next few weeks or our next school year.  We never use the green cards, so is there a point in getting the student pack?  Is there anything else in the pack we would need if we have the first two level's packs and all the reading packs?

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I'm not sure specifically from 2 to 3 but there are usually new letter tiles and new charts. For example, at some level they get a chart of the rules to break words into syllables. In the next level, there's the syllable chart again, but this time more rules will be added to the chart.


You could contact the company and ask. We're at level 6 and everything is all jumbled together now. I'm not sure when each set of cards and charts came out.

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There are a bunch of things you might not use, including the cards, silent e book, homophone lists, etc. Some of them you can print off their website. Here is their sample (what is in the packet is shown on the first page of the sample)




We did like the suffix tiles but you could make your own. The -ed sheet is getting fuzzy in my brain but I think that's something you can make from the description in the book too (maybe you sort them into the sound that -ed makes? I think we only ever used them once!)

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Besides the green cards there are also:


Suffix tiles

Silent E Book

New phonogram cards (yellow)

New sound cards (red)

Homophone list

1-1-1 rule 8.5x11

New word bank 8.5x11 for lvl 3

ED word 8.5x11

New syllable division 8.5x11 with 1 rule added to the bottom

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OP - this was my hope too when we first started using it, but new tiles are introduced each level that you teach, so without them it's kind of difficult.


There are a lot of extra items in the Level 3 pack as well. Someone listed them above. Some you'll use others maybe not depending on your kiddos.


We don't use the green cards very often either but use the lists (along with yet other lists and copywork sentences sometimes when it is needed.)


If you totally don't want the whole pack and just the extra tiles for that level you can call and ask for them. They were really nice about filling in what I was missing when I got a used pack.


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We did not get the student pack.   The main thing I feel like I am missing are the word lists.   You can get the gist of what you need as you go through the lessons and come up with your

own tiles, suffixes, etc.   And I have found different word lists online.


My kids are finding the tiles cumbersome, and they stay a mess, so we mainly use a white board and the book.   Sometimes I wonder what I'm missing, but we've been plugging along OK.

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