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Chipped Tooth


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Did any of you have infants who chipped a tooth who did not go on to have significant dental problems? My firstborn chipped a tooth as an infant, and then she had horrible carries. My second born never chipped a tooth and has had good teeth. My 17 month old just chipped his tooth, and I worry that it indicates that his teeth are weak like my eldest's. Waiting for the dentist to call me back and trying to talk my anxiety down.

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We had a severe mouth injury where a child fell and landed with their teeth against the edge of a bunk bed. It jammed the tooth and split the gum a good half cm or so. Very bloody, there was an ER and then pediatric dental visit.


What I wish I'd known then was that neither was necessary because she didn't break her jaw and it was a baby tooth. despite how ghastly it looked even fully healed, her adult teeth came in just fine and her gum looks a lot better. It didn't fill it, but the process of losing and then gaining a new tooth seems to have even the edge out quite a bit.


So basically, that was $1000 of ER and dental we can't ever get back ;)


I wouldn't be highly concerned about the tooth indicating anything. The right angle or surface can chip even the most resilient teeth, and some kids are just prone to cavities. The best thing you can do is smart application of fluoride, substances like fermented cod liver oil as a dietary supplement, and magnesium and calcium being included in their vitamins. The rest just comes down to a combo of genetics and dental hygiene. And even then, genetics often wins.

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