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5th Grade Writing Curriculum, Need Ideas


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Here are a few writing curriculum you could check out. Some may be your taste, some may not, but I thought I would at least throw it out there to you! :)


Winning with writing

Writing with Ease/ Writing with Skill

Essentials in Writing

Jump in Writing apologia ( christian)

Writing Strands

Excellence in Writing


I am sure others will post many more :)


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what about Chreia is not thrilling? It might help with generating suggestions to know what your student needs (or doesnt need) which made Chreia a bad match.


Wordsmith Apprentice did get my 5th grader writing, which was important. However, I think it is really light, as in I don't think it helped her *learn* many new writing skills. I tried IEW with her too (she hated it, the only curriculum she actually hated). I had her continue to do copy work to keep her writing stamina up, and to provide good copying models. If I would have known about it then I probably would have tried Killgallon sentence composing books.

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We are enjoying CAP's W&R, but took a break after Narrative 1 to do Treasured Conversations and I am very glad we did. Looking ahead to Narrative 2 and Chreia, I believe the work we did in TC will make my dd get so much more out of the CAP program. I also plan to use the TC way of doing things utilized for writing across the curriculum. 

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If you liking following the progymnasta, maybe MP's Classical Composition would work. Perhaps show your dd samples and see what she thinks. My dd picked Writing with Skill 1 for herself for 5th from CAP, MP, and WWS.


I agree. Classical Composition definitely does some hand holding for you, especially if you get the DVDs. We don't use them and its still fine, but for a struggling writer they would help add some encouragement and make the process even easier.

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