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Non-US Math Series?

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Is there a specific country you're looking for, or are you just looking for integrated?


Saxon is actually integrated if you go with the classic edition.


Mathematics Enhancement Programme is integrated through GCSE. The A level topics are pretty modular. It is British but based on a Hungarian program (the Hungarians are exceptionally strong in mathematics). It is free.


NCERT is integrated and goes through grade 12. It is Indian. It is free.


Singapore's series are generally integrated and follow the British model.

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We love Singapore DM. The sad thing is it is no longer easily purchased in this country, but if you can round up the parts or find another way to buy it, it is definitely integrated and a great curriculum if it fits your kid. (It fits my younger, but would be a bad fit for older, for instance.)


Eta: Now I see you are 1st grade....Singapore PM is readily available. Both my kids thrived on it. They diverged after finishing PM.

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