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OM Three-peat

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Thanks, everyone!  


I just wanted to share a short vent - then I will be able to let this go.  


Half of our team is enrolled in our Charter School, the other half is enrolled in our local middle school.  I've known all of these kids since they were 4 together in Montessori school, which is how we ended up with a mixed school team.  Amazingly, our Charter School wanted to pay our way, or most of it - $3000 of the $4600 that we needed.  WooHoo, I thought.  No fundraising!  $200 each, and the team can go.  Well, 2 of the other girls had older siblings on another team who also qualified for World Finals, and that team was going to have to fund raise the entire amount in order to go.  They decided not to try and turned down the invitation.  Then since the older siblings couldn't go, the parents decided not to let their kids on our team go either, because they didn't want to hurt their older kids' feelings.  So, no world finals this year.  


I really don't understand denying an opportunity to one child for the sake of the other.  I don't understand punishing my kid and the other kids on the team for the sake of their older child's feelings.


There.  Done, done, done!


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