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Transcript Pro or Word document or...

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I've read the older threads about this, but I'm wondering if anyone has found something new or just loves what they use to make a transcript.  I don't need a program that tracks all their assignments, just a form to fill out and look professional.  My dd is a freshman and I want to decide what to use by the end of the year so I don't get behind.  So, what's the latest and greatest and why do you like it?  If you have a great Word document, feel free to share!  :)

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If you are not looking for something to keep track of stuff, Word or any decent word processing program will be more than adequate.  I wouldn't spend extra money.  I kept all of the notes for my kids courses in a Word document so that I would have everything I needed for making course descriptions later.  I included books read, projects/papers done, field trips, topics covered, etc.  I also kept a version of a transcript in Excel for ease in calculating GPA and keeping the grades and credits handy. 


When it came time to make an official transcript, I used text boxes and tables in Word to make a nice looking transcript.  I had a text box for identifying information.  One for GPA and test scores.  And then a series of 4 tables - 2 across, one for each year.  I had 3 columns per table: course title, credit, and grade.  I did use subscripts with my course titles to denote classes that were taken with an outside provider.  For courses that were dual enrollment, I used a background color for that line in the table.  I put a legend at the bottom for the outside providers.  I finished it off with a spot for my signature, which I scanned and uploaded. 


ETA:  pm me and I can send you mine. 

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