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How do I help my son with his communication skills?

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My son will be 14 in July and going into 8th grade next year. He has horrible communications skills. He doesn't speak clearly so we can understand him. When asked a question or talking about something he doesn't understand, he will mumble a response. Sometimes he just throws random words together that have nothing to do with the conversation. He leaves words out of sentences so that we don't understand what he is saying. 


He has been tested for learning disabilities, but always comes back as low average, so doesn't qualify for any services. He does have a slight auditory processing disorder and ADD.


When talking about how to work on these issues, my husband suggested having him read books slightly above his reading level and then narrate back to me. Is this a good plan? Is there something else we should do? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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With regards to evaluations, what type, and who administered them?


How is his reading, especially out loud?  Might he do better listening to books instead of reading them?


Also, you might actually start with more basic books for narration, buddy read those, then have him narrate small sections.  I would have a guide sheet he can refer to of things he should be thinking about as he reads.


Hopefully others will have more detailed info....

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Everyone under the sun, lol. He was tested by two public schools in WA, a special therapy place in WA, I've talked to pediatricians and dev. pediatricians. He always comes in as low average. He is in the DODEA school here in Guam right now, but will be homeschooled next year. I convinced them to put him in the Read 180 program (a class that helps with reading issues), but they really didn't want to because his Lexile Level is on grade level. 

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O.k. so it doesn't look like he has ever been evaluated by a neuropsychologist?  I am just thinking that avenue might net you better answers if you had access to one that specializes in educational learning challenges.  


I will be honest, I haven't had a lot of luck through schools or pediatricians.  Our best answers came from other avenues.


(FWIW, I lived on Guam as a little girl.  I'm sure it has changed but I loved it.)  :)  

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