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Help me pick history for 10th

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We are doing a year of Ancient History right now. Well, he started the year doing human geo, but when he came home we switched to Biblioplan Ancients. So we are cramming all of BP Ancients in, and between the map work there and the many chapters he did in Human Geo we are calling it  a credit of Ancient HIstory and a half credit of geography.


Next year, options I've thought of are:


Biblioplan Medieval

Light to the Nations 1 - Catholic Textbook Project (call it world history?)

Tapestry of Grace Year 2


Oak Meadow World History


Keep in mind, my son is not a history loving guy, although he finds it midly interesting. Whatever we do, we will add in lots of documentaries (not Teaching Company lectures, but stuff on Netflix/Amazon/etc)


He also considers himself Agnostic, although I'm Catholic. I don't want stuff hostile to the Catholic Church, and he doesn't want anything "Too Christian". I mean, he's used Christian materials, but some are more overtly in your face about it than others, if that makes sense. 


Any thoughts on these? We used Tapestry of Grace a long time ago, and I remember the questions not always seeming to have answers that made sense, but again, that was a long time ago. It is also much more expensive than the other options, and harder to plan out. So I'd need to be very convinced. And I think I researched wayfarers and decided against it, but can't remember why, lol.


Edited to Add: I realized I had crossed Wayfarers off because it wasn't out yet, but Medieval is going to be ready. so it's back on the table. 




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