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Spotify. What are your favorite educational uses? Looking for ideas.

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I see that it has a bunch of Jim Weiss's stories on there. I have also used it several times over the last month for poetry readings. I've been trying the premium free for a month, but I'm going to need more than just personal music as an excuse to pay a monthly fee. I'd really like to make use of spotify in my homeschool, but would love to hear how others are doing so. Thanks!


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Wow, I hadn't thought of looking for audio books and such! Thanks for the tip!


I use Spotify to listen to the classical music selections from Ambleside. It's nice being able to find the exact tracks they suggest without having to find the right CDs at the library. I

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We're using the TGC series of How to Listen to and Understand Great Music, and as I listen to the lectures I note down the composer/title of any musical selections the professor talks about so I can add them to a Spotify playlist afterwards. As we've progressed through the course, our playlist grows and it's a great tool for reviewing the concepts covered in the course. It's ended up being kind of like a timeline for music. So far I've been able to find every selection on Spotify, even the more obscure ones.

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