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Educational Game Ideas, Please (not electronic)

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If you know of any educational games that would be good for 8th grade and up, I would love to know about them.  Pretend that cost is not an issue.  It is, but I am pretending and I just want to make a wish list right now :)


I am not looking for games to play on the computer.  Think board games, dice games, card games.

I am not asking about strategy games right now, although we like those as well. Instead, I want games that will teach or reinforce content.


Within those two parameters, I am interested in any subject:  math, chemisty, logic, art history...




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How do you separate logic from strategy?   


Mastermind and Chess seem to me to fit in with both.


Hmm, I was being a bit muddled with the logic vs. strategy request.  For logic, I meant something like WFF n Proof that teaches symbolic logic - rather than a strategy game that uses logical thinking skills. 


ETA:  WFF n Proof is sold by Games for Thinkers. I am also considering On-Sets.


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