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Canadian universities for U.S. students?

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Dh pointed out that our state has a reciprocal tuition exchange set up with the neighboring province.  He wants our kids to look into attending a university in that province.


Has anyone's (U.S. citizen) child done this?


Can you tell me what your application experience was?  Anything that is different from applying to U.S. colleges?

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I'd even add that it can vary from university to university.


I'm a Canadian, and can't talk specifically to US students..... and my kids are younger too....  but:


Canadian Universities don't generally use the SAT or ACT tests.  (However I imagine they would appreciate it from homeschoolers.)


Many universities have a mention of homeschoolers somewhere on their website.  I'd look at that page, as well as the page that is likely to be there for international students to see if that gives any ideas.


Eventually you would likely have to talk to someone at the university.  (Which I believe tends to be true of Canadian homeschoolers too)

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Oh, and unless things have changed (this is info from 25 years ago, from when I was looking at universities...)  the name of the book that you would ask for that lists all the registration information, important dates, faculty information, and course information is different in the States and in Canada.


In the States it is called a Catalog or Course Catalog  (unless that has changed?)

In Canada it is called a Calendar or University Calendar.


Mind you - probably now-a-days that is all done online!

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It's good that she knows how to use a toilet now! :laugh:

Not really related but, ....


This weekend I was visiting with a friend who grew up in Winnipeg but went to a university 5 hours away in the USA. She HAD to pay to take a mandatory course for all foreign exchange students. This course included things like:


- How to dress for winter.

- How to use a toilet.

- USA Money.


No exceptions. She could not get out of having to take it. ... She did do well. :p


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It's good that she knows how to use a toilet now! :laugh:


And here I was thinking it was funny that Americans were teaching a Canadian how to dress for winter!


(Mind you, I visited New York city once at the end of November - and walked around with a T-shirt and only a light jacket in my backpack.... so maybe people would have though I needed those lessons... but it was so warm!    I will admit that the couple of times someone commented about it, I just said 'I'm Canadian', and they would nod and proceed on...)

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Foreign students are welcome here. Most universities seem to expect that US students would have taken SAT's or similar.

For homeschoolers, it all depends on what you did for highschool, whether you're under an umbrella program or totally independent.  Generally speaking, my sense is that we're a bit behind you guys in the US about letting homeschoolers in easily. It's not impossible & many have done it & continue to do it, but many universities don't have a specific category for your application & you kind of have to talk yourself in. OTOH, our universities seem to love foreign students because I think they make more money off them... so my sense is they're quite willing to look at foreign applicants.

For SFU for example https://www.sfu.ca/students/admission-requirements/usa-high-school.html SFU doesn't have a specific homeschool policy but allows transfers in.

UBC has a homeschool policy http://www.calendar.ubc.ca/vancouver/index.cfm?tree=2,276,0,0

Quest is a newish university which I'm hearing many wonderful things about. They are very open to homeschoolers & want self directed learners. http://www.questu.ca/index.html


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