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Book ideas please on critical thinking/teen issues for 17 yo boy?

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Does anyone have suggestions for some good spiritual growth/teen issues/critical thinking books for my husband to read and discuss with our 17 yo son? They have a good relationship, but it's just easier for my husband to broach topics with our son when they come from a book they are reading, or a podcast they are listening to. We are Christians, if that helps with book suggestions! We talk about everything! We were Air Force for 21 years and moved all over. Our son has had a part time job since he was 15; he now works at the mall, and makes friends with everybody from all walks of life, which I love about him! He is not sheltered. We just want to help him think critically.


Thank you!!



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I highly recommend Thanks for the Feedback by Stone and Heen.  I don't think it is quite in the category you are looking for, on the other hand it is good for anyone that has interactions with other people:).   Though I think it is good for thinking critically.  This would be available at your local library probably.  My 17 year old son and the men in his church group all read it and liked it.


My 17 year old son recommends Counterfeit Gods by Keller.  This probably is directly in the category.  



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