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What are your SFG tips and tweaks?


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I'm in a new home this growing season and getting my beds ready. I've had mixed success with SFG. Many things I've figured out by trial and error but am wondering if maybe there are some tweaks out there that would be helpful. Thank you so much in advance!


I'm so excited to be gardening again after a long winter. Yay!

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I posted on that other thread, but I just wanted to hop on here now and tell you I'm excited you get to garden this year. :)


Every January, I clean out the beds (because I don't get it done after the first freezes of the year) and add fresh compost to the beds. It seems some bagged compost is still a bit strong...by putting it in the beds in January, it has time to mellow prior to planting in late March.


I'm trusting that freezes are a thing of the past for us...I'm planting tomato transplants this week. :)


Happy gardening!

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Thank you, Happy! Yes, I am doing my beds last minute! I'll be getting well aged compost, and hopefully, that will help. We spent yesterday digging out the tree roots, from a cut down tree, and weeding in my garden space. I found the cheapest price on boards: 1x6x6 cedar fence posts for a  $1.19 a board! That's much less expensive than lumber. Hubby will be doing some patching to make the 4 beds, 4x8 feet, but it will save us a bundle using the cedar boards.  I also have a decent space for a strawberry patch that will not be raised beds. It felt so good to be outside digging in the cool dirt again.



Our growing season/frost free weather normally begins late March-April for onions, lettuce, peas, and other cool crops, but beans, corn, and other less hardy crops shouldn't be planted until middle of May. More tender plants shouldn't be planted until about Memorial Day or early June. I live in a high desert, and our growing season in short!  This spring has been so warm though, so I think I can get away with planting on the earlier side of those dates.  


I'd love to see set ups and hear how the gardening season progresses for you all!  Starting a gardening thread would be fun for that, if anyone is interested?

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