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The Well-Trained Mind Academy Biology Reviews

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Would anyone care to share reviews of the high school biology class offered by The Well-Trained Mind Academy?


The syllabus lists evolution, so it appears it will be directly taught and not avoided. I'm curious about the coverage of evolution.


Is it presented as a given and mentioned from time to time even outside of those particular lessons?


Is it presented as part of an ongoing disagreement with other possibilities being given equal weight?

Some other variation?


I know this can be a touchy subject. I'm just trying to get an idea about the class to make decisions for my family. I'm not trying to start a debate. :)


I'm also curious about the workload, student/teacher interaction, or anything else you'd care to share.




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My daughter is in the class this year. Evolution was taught very straight forward from the Holt textbook. The instructor didn't present evidence from both sides; it was definitely one -sided. But I noticed she consistently referred to it as "a theory." It seemed to be similar to what they would get in public school. My daughter had taken apologia biology and was presented with lots of evidence that contradicted evolution in 8th grade. So I felt okay with her hearing this presentation of evolution.

Otherwise, I have been very pleased with the class. They pretty much follow the textbook. They read additional articles and respond to each other's write-ups on a discussion board. The instructor is well prepared and encouraging.

Hope this is helpful.

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