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120 Great Paintings book and cd rom from RR

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Anyone use this? I did a quick search and couldn't find any threads on this product. For under $20 it certainly seems like an economical way to get art prints even factoring in the cost of photo paper and color ink.


In addition to 120 Great Paintings there's also a 120 Great Impressionism Paintings and another one focusing on something else. Does the general 120 Great Paintings one include works from Impressionism as well. If I used just the 120 Great Paintings for art appreciation will I be missing out on any particularly well known pieces that shouldn't be left out of a well rounded art appreciation study?


My child is PreK and I was looking into just a few art prints just for at will study and investigation, but if this would be enough long term it'd be nice to save money and effort each year. I'm happy to look up biographies and info about the paintings on my own.

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