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What typing program do you love?


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What age?


DS loved Type to Learn 4 for quite a while because he got to be a Secret Agent.  You type to save information.  The games are all typing games but some are really pretty fun and good reinforcement.  Others caused a bit of stress but not too bad.  The lessons themselves were actually well done, IMHO.  


I got it at a discount through Homeschool Buyer's Co-op and had them adjust the wpm and accuracy recommendations since he has dysgraphia.  DD also used it and liked it but decided to switch to Typing Pal this year.  She regrets it and feels Type to Learn 4 was more interesting.


Since DS has done Type to Learn 4 for nearly 2 years now (dysgraphia really slows him down on motor planning but a child without this issue should be able to complete the program MUCH MUCH sooner) he wanted to try something else.  We switched to Touch-Type Read and Spell.  I guess Type to Learn 4 did a good job of helping him learn to type since he has gotten excellent scores so far and is moving rapidly along.  

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I started with Dance Mat free online. I did like it for learning the keyboard initially.

We moved to Typing Instructor for Kids. My boys like/liked it, and, more important, developed good skill.


Whatever you use, imo it's important to make sure the child isn't watching his/hers hands until the speed gets around 30-35 wpm. At that point, the urge to peek will be gone as touch typing will likely be faster than hunt and peck.

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