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Finishing Foerster's Algebra

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What next? 


I haven't even begun to look at options. 


He loves Jousting (which we have been doing as review since he likes it) and tolerates Foerster. He doesn't like it as he does the flavor of Jousting. Jousting is not textbook dry which for him Foerster is. 


What do I with him when he's done with Foerster?

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You have many options.  The best choice for your ds will depend on a number of factors including (but not limited to):


*  Readiness for full geometry vs. wanting some pre-geometry first

*  Level of rigor aiming for

*  Desire to provide more proof based geometry vs. something which is more proof light (more common)

*  Amount you want to teach including your ability to grade proofs 

*  Online & DVD options vs. exclusively from a book at home


Here is a thread discussing the various options including rationale: http://forums.welltrainedmind.com/topic/514183-epic-thread-of-geometry-programs-or-geometry-thread-of-epic-proportions/?hl=geometry


Once you narrow down a few top choices you can then compare and contrast them.  I recommend taking a look at samples or demos 'with' your ds before making a final decision.


We really enjoy Jurgensen Geometry which is a strong proof based text.  ds13 has been studying it through Wilson Hill Academy which has been an excellent program overall.  He really enjoys math instruction in this live, interactive environment.  Having an instructor available to answer all his questions and grade the proofs has proven to be money well spent.

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