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Do you guys use the Facebook Swap and Shop sites?  I love our local ones for selling clothes and toys and stuff.

I posted a bunch of things yesterday, including a group Under Armour boys shirts for $20.  I had 50 people in line for them in a matter of minutes.  Before committing to anyone, my good friend tells me she'll give me $30 for them.  I'm totally good with her getting the shirts since I hadn't committed to anyone on the site yet, but I feel bad a) because I should have offered them to her first apparently! and b) I feel bad for taking her money.  I mean, I was only asking $20 in the first place.  Part of me wants to charge her nothing, and part of me is like, I COULD use the money!!  (Neither of us have money issues so it wouldn't hurt either of us to be out the money).


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I sell on local Facebook sites. When any of my friends see what I'm selling and want it and I haven't committed I usually charge them half of what I was asking. If I wasn't doing it to make a profit I'd charge them nothing but we do need the money.

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