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Happy New Year!


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Happy Nowruz/Nawruz/Navruz/Nooruz/Newruz/Norooz/Naw-Ruz/Noruz/Navreh either yesterday, today or tomorrow (or longer) to anyone with Persian, Turkish, Azeri, Kurdish, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Turkmen,Tajik, Ismaili, Afghan, Baha'i, Uyghur, Parsi, Kashmiri, and/or Zoroastrian ties. I'm sure I missed some options somewhere, so please don't feel left out if I missed you. 


We're having hand-pulled noodles and borsak for our celebration.  Winter never really comes to Mexico so there's not much springiness to welcome here, but we can pretend. :)

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I'm sitting in a cafe for a recital next to a table set for "Haft Seen." There is a little flyer explaining the Persian New Year and the seven items on the table. Is this related?

Yes, it's the same holiday. Persian New Year is probably what you're most likely to hear about in the US. But a lot more people than just Iranians celebrate it because it's a great holiday. :)

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