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Quick question about LLTL

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Can someone tell me how those levels translate to age/grade?


Also, there are also English lessons through literature - how does that relate to LLTL? 


I am assuming that Reading Lessons Through Literature is suppose to be teaching reading.  Am I correct?


We have been doing WWE1 this year, but I am considering switching, so trying to get some info



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The title Language Lessons Through Literature was causing confusion because it was so close to Learning Language Arts Through Literature, so the title was changed to E(nglish)LTL.


Yes, RLTL is a learn to read program. I haven't used it since I am pretty set in my ways at this point, but I think it looks good.


ELTL levels...

ELTL 1: K-2nd

ELTL 2: 1st-3rd

ELTL 3: 3rd-5th

ELTL 4: 4th-6th

ELTL 5: 5th-7th

ELTL 6: 6th-8th


I know this breakdown is kind of messy. ELTL 1 starts light; a Ker who is reading could easily use it. Level 3 is quite challenging for a third grader. The grammar in level 5 goes beyond what I learned in HS (that's not saying much, but still...) I would start ELTL whenever your child is reading. You could use it at regular pace, but keep in mind that slowing down is an option if it gets to be too much at some point.

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