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Myopia isn't because of reading too much

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Basically, read outside, not inside.


At least 3 hours outside time per day.



So that nature walk may be extra beneficial. And it makes me think about truly setting up an outdoor "classroom." I have had my kid do his seatwork on the front porch before, I think I should set it up again.


He's already myopic, though not nearly as bad as me. I'd love to keep it from getting worse.

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Thanks for that article. It was an interesting read although I don't completely agree with the causal links they've drawn. I didn't see hereditary poor vision as a factor.. ETA: on second read, It's mentioned, although superficially.


fwiw, from my sample = 2 (me and DD)- both of us are voracious readers and very much into outdoor sports/activities (read as: at least 2 hours outside). I am myopic but DD is hyperopic.shrug.

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There have been other studies over the years that have already pretty thoroughly debunked the myth that early and/or prolific reading causes myopia. The sunlight link has been known for some time, but it is always reassuring to see multiple studies arrive at similar conclusions. It bugs the heck out of me when people cite myopia as a reason to discourage reading or delay reading instruction.


There have been many studies showing that the hereditary factor is huge. It may not play out in a small sample, but it does consistently play out over large samples.

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Thank you for the link!  My dh had just been telling me about this. He is all for me taking the kids outside more -- I just wish he was open to the "change of air — a sea voyage if possible" right now!


If any of you blog about the importance of time in nature, or have a Pinterest board about it, please share a link (or send me a pm).

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I just wish he was open to the "change of air — a sea voyage if possible" right now!



Driving worked for dh.  He had gotten nearsighted while at grad school (yes, too much reading but not in childhood) and it went back to normal when he started a job a few years later that had a hour or two commute twice a day.  Apparently, staring at the horizon helps even if it's not on a cruise!

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We had a really weird situation with DD's vision. When she was first learning how to read, she started to show some issues that suggested vision problems. First eye doctor appointment verified that she had a slight astigmatism and far-sightedness that resulted in her requiring glasses for reading. It had a huge impact, and she quickly became a voracious reader. This is when she was 5, and we went back yearly, and her eyes were pretty much the same for several years.


However, when she was about 8.5 or so, he said her prescription had weakened a bit for reading, and he thought she was showing signs of myopia, but DD said she could see distances just fine. Leading up to her most recent appointment at about 10, she said her reading glasses made reading worst and she couldn't see distance very well anymore; her prescription had completely changed. She now has a strong myopia, no astigmatism, and no need for reading glasses. 


What changed in that time? She became a voracious reader, but her school work hours also built up and she wasn't spending all day outside like she did when she was younger. She still spends a considerable amount of time outdoors, but certainly less than she had.


(We are an adoptive family so we do not have any hereditary data.)

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