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Just wondering if anyone has used Language Lessons for the Secondary Child or Language Lessons for the Elementary Child from Queen Homeschooling Supplies. If so, how did your child go with it? Did you find it helpful for developing writing skills? Thanks.

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I have used the elementary series a few years ago. It is not a hard curriculum, but the opposite. There are small lessons each day that could take 5- 10 minutes, if that. 

Some days the lessons are just copy work for that whole week. 

Many people want this type of language arts and it works great for them. I, personally, did not continue with it, because I wanted a more rigorous education for my dd. 



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I use it along side Winston Grammar because it offers review in areas that Winston does not have.   It is easy to use and does include grammar, quotations, comma placement, etc., but not at a very in-depth level.  At least not the elementary and Secondary levels.  It has copywork, writing of poems, and narration writing.  It doesn't give instruction in how to write just assignments to write. My kids did well with the poem writing, but not so much with the narration parts.  




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