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Writing Buddies/Writing Club


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I'm starting a little club for my reluctant 8 year old writer! It will have 3-5 kids in the group. They will do some simple writing activities at home and then exchange them at our weekly park days. I'm really excited about it! I have a few ideas to get it started, but not sure where I am really going with it.


Anyone have ideas? Or resources?


I am already looking at Games for Writing.


Things I already have planned:


-round robin storytelling


-letter writing back and forth


-venn diagram comparing each other



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Adding my ideas here in case it's helpful to someone else and my own brainstorming:


KIND BOMB---write kind/inspirational messages to give out to your friends at park or hide the notes in their stuff for them to find later.


JOKE BOOK---make a joke book together and illustrate. Give a copy to each of the kids.


COMIC BOOK---create a comic book together with the same characters in each of the stories. The adventures of the kids in the club?


WHO AM I?---kids write down 5 facts down about themselves and seal them in an envelope. at the end, everyone tries to guess who is who.

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