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Help me think this through- having grandpa teach math?

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I am wanting to have my dad take over teaching math to my 6th grader...but he lives in another state. My son is doing well in math and considers it his favorite subject. I know he would like more challenge than I can currently give him while juggling his siblings and in al honestly out sourcing something would help me tremendously. My dad is recently retired and loves math himself, I know he would be great at this I just need to figure out some of the logistics. Has anyone here done something like this? Are there any resources that would lend themselves to this type of arrangement? Am I over thinking this?

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Do you have a scanner?  If you do then your child can easily scan the questions he have problem with and your dad can either scan back his ideas or use Skype to discuss.   I don't have a scanner at the moment so I just use my phone to take a photo of my kid's working if I want my friends to help me look it through.

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With modern technology Skype etc it should work fine

You can use a camera or phone to capture images of HW if no scanner is available


It is important that the instructor (your father) has a teacher's edition or solutions guide for the textbook.

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