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Switching from aAs to apples and pears?

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I would love info on folks that have used apples and pears. I have 3 children that I use all about reading for and all about spelling . It is obviously VERY time consuming. I spend 90 minutes to 2 hours a day just on reading and spelling.


I am really burning out on spelling . I spend a lot of time with it and my kudos are still atrocious ;). My 9 year old will ace the lesson and totally misspell it in outside writing . I know that's Common but of I am killing myself to work on spelling ...I want it worth it! Lol


I really don't think the rules mean a thing to my kids ...I believe they are WAY more visual spellers.


So I'm considering apples and pears. I've read such good things. My concern is that it will take just as much time as now.


Has anyone used apples and pears with 2 or 3 kids? How do you orchestrate it?




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