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Where is a good place to buy buttons in bulk?....


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I am a crafter and would like to find buttons somewhere in bulk for a reasonable price. Any ideas?




Hancock Fabrics or Joann Fabrics might have bulk bags of assorted buttons.  Seems like I have seen them at one or the other of those places. 


Or you could put out a request to your local HS group, or church, or... Someone might have a box they'd be happy to give you.

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Random mismatches or lots of the same?


Not sure if this is helpful, but I think thrift stores like Goodwill are a great place to find buttons. Sometimes there are shirts for a dollar that have beautiful buttons that can be salvaged for another project.

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Back before the twins were born I used to make and sell hairbows and would use buttons sometimes as the center. I found tons of cute and cheap buttons on there. Just make sure you note if they are flatback or have the eye (i think that is what they call it) depending on what you need them for. I got cute ice cream shaped buttons and animal print buttons, etc.


Some ship from China, but it never took toooo long. Only once was the package a no show and I just filed a claim and money was returned ASAP.

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