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Right Start E is awful on long division!


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My Dd doesn't love math but is a capable student and Right Start has served us well thus far.

Until long division.

There are four lessons on it, one of which I cannot understand at all. They start right in with two digit divisors without really ever teaching the process step by step. These lessons are terrible!

Very disappointing. I hope this section is vastly improved in the second edition.


So we bailed and went to MM for this. Very clear. Dd really already had a good grip on the various ways to think about division and her multiplication facts and short division, so all she neeed was a clear explanation.


We will finish the geometry lessons that are a large chunk of the end of RS E.

Anyone else quit RS at this point?

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I have had several conversations with Kathleen (Joan Cotter's daughter) about this very thing as I also found it very frustrating.  I think they have had a lot of feedback about this topic over the years.  They recognize this, and it is one of the reasons there will be a new Level F in the second edition.  Level E is also lacking in a thorough presentation of fractions, ratios and percents. I have found it necessary with all my older children to give them another year prior to starting VT as recommended by Dr. Cotter.  We have found that supplementing long division with MM and then a year of Singapore 5A and 5B fit the bill.

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