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Met with a 4-year transfer advisor today...


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DS was in class, and I had a form I needed to fill out in person at work, so I went by at lunch to the room in the community college where the transfer advisor was set up.  DS plans to attend this community college for two years starting this fall and then transfer to this 4-year school. If he sticks with his current intended major, this school is in the top 25 in the country, so no worries that way. They have another major in a new field that he's interested in that I also discussed with her that is up-and-coming. The guaranteed transfer agreement is very clear.


Anyway, a few take-aways:


Meeting with a transfer advisor early on is a good idea.  She said that now is a great time before he registers for his first semester, and it doesn't hurt to check in every semester after.  I showed her DS's proposed schedule for the fall, and she said to go with everything we had planned there.  She comes mid-semester in the fall and spring to our campus, or you can come in person or make a phone appointment.  She said to have a transcript ready.


Talking with a transfer advisor gave me more useful information for our situation than talking with their recruiters at a college fair.


I already knew this, but they have transfer guides from the state community colleges for every major that give what courses you need to go right into your major. There are higher GPA and a few additional requirements (i.e. a portfolio for art, etc.) for some majors.  She also told me about two changes in the transfer guides for DS's majors that will be published in April.


They have discipline-specific, on-campus transfer seminars each semester.  They have them for liberal arts, sciences, engineering, education, and business.  Those are good to attend too.


That's it!



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