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Switching to Tapestry of Grace


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Hello!  I've tried doing a lot of searching to find the answers and didn't have too much luck but I do apologize if this has been hashed and rehashed several times.  :)


I am looking to make a switch to TOG.  We just finished Year 3 of BiblioPlan.  (We used year 2 and 3 with SOTW as a spine).  I like it ok but we have done a lot of tweaking to make it fit our family a little better.  I found that we ended up just doing a lot of reading of the storybooks (we ended up dropping SOTW midway through year 3 in favor of the living books).  I like the look of the accountability of TOG as far as things like:  learn about these people, learn what these words mean, etc.  I like the living books approach but want the accountability of a guide and questions.


I'm pretty flexible and I like to keep a measure of flexibility so I think my main question is:  Just how flexible is Tapestry of Grace?  


I know that you can't sub the literature if you want to complete the worksheet, but what about the remaining books?  Can those be tweaked pretty easily?  Can I fill in and take out and tweak and still maintain the goals for each week or will I mess it all up?  I just don't want to lose flexibility if that makes sense? Maybe I'd be better off to stick with BiblioPlan?  Thanks so much for your thoughts!



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I like tog. I do find it flexible, but it did take some time to learn the curriculum, read and read and read how others used it, and learn to make it flexible.


D and R seem to need the exact books but we have also learned to use situations where we didn't have the book as research opportunities. Ug and Lg I am getting more flexible about books. We use the evaluations, and I have discovered that most of those questions come from the core history books. It really isn't as big of a deal to me to purchase the core books for history, so that is easy. I've been using the core books to help teach my 5th grader to outline via SWB's guidance in WTM.


We use the vocabulary and people list but not fully. I print up a vocabulary sheet with room for 2 words. They pick those words from the list, then as they read, if they find the word, they copy thr sentence, look it up and write the definition, then write the part of speech. I give them a note booking page with room for 2 people. Then I use that for dictation.


I told you those things to give examples of how I have made tog what I want it to be. I really love it!! I love it more now that I've learned how to make it mine.

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