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Help interpreting WISC-IV scores

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I know this is a common question, and so thanks in advance for the help.  We finally got the results of Faith's (age 10.1 at the time of the test) pysch-ed assessments back in October/November.  In general, it just confirmed what I already suspected.  But I'm wondering if there are some nuances in the results that might be helpful.


GAI - 136 - 99%ile - Very Superior

Verbal Comprehension - 118 - 88%ile - High Average

Perceptual Reasoning - 140 - 99.6%ile - Very Superior

Working Memory - 108 - 70%ile - Average

Processing Speed - 103 - 58%ile - Average



Similarities -15

Vocabulary - 15

Comprehension - 9


Block Design - 16

Picture Concepts - 17

Matrix Reasoning - 16


Digit Span - 10

Letter-Number Sequencing - 13

Digits Forwards - 8

Digits Backwards - 12 


Coding - 10


Symbol Search - 11



They also administered the WIAT-III and the total was in the 95%ile.  I have the breakdown if that would be useful... Math fluency was notably lower, at 58%ile, as well as Essay Composition (23%ile).  The tester did note that it was the time limits that impacted the essay, and that when allowed extra time, Faith produced an essay that was more in line with her actual abilities.


As well, they administered the Delis-Kaplan Executive Function System assessment to assess her "higher-level problem solving" (direct quote).  I have all the subscores (well, percentiles) for this as well.  The only marked areas of weakness were "Visual Scanning" under Trail Making (9th %ile) which was highlighted in the report because Faith spent time looking over her responses (catching one error, but slowing her down). 


They also described her as "rallying under load", which I believe means her performance kind of was dependent on the difficulty of the task (ie, she performed better on harder tasks).


As well, the tester noted high levels of anxiety that impacted her performance.  She has been in therapy for a year and we have seen improvements, but not entirely, and perhaps we need to consider medication...


Anyway, I'm still left wondering what exactly I should *do* with this child.  She struggles with completing task that are either "too hard" or "too easy" and wants absolutely everything to *mean something*, which is frustrating because frankly, most of elementary school feels somewhat meaningless to me, too.  I had started to suspect she was a visual-spatial, whole-to-parts learner, and that was confirmed by the tester.  


So... anything jump out at you from those scores?  Any advice for a perfectionist, bright, practical VSL?  Keeping in mind that I have two other children, who also have exceptional learning needs and require a lot from me...






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From what you have written, my gut would say to aim for what she is asking, "meaning," i.e., richer/deeper/interesting - stuff she can sink her teeth into - but easy on the volume and speed.  (Eta, you don't say what she's currently using for curricula; if it were me, I'd be looking toward interest-led content subjects (science and history) and solid with depth for skill subjects)

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