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Would you still use this nurtient agar?

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I purchased a bacteria culturing kit evidently about a year ago, one from home science tools.  Have not used it (kept waiting till the 'right time'), it has sat in a cardboard box in a cupboard in the family room - climate controlled - this whole time.  The bottle nutrient agar bottle says it expires 3/14/14.  It 'looks' ok to me.  I finally want to use it for a science 'camp' in a week and a half.  Do you think it would still work?  Would you use it?  I'm afraid that if I order more it probably will not come in time.  Use it or skip this experiment???? WWYD

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I'd use it for my family, but not depend on it for a camp.

Loverboy made agar with his niece using knox box for her science fair.  A year later, they banned "live animals" from the science fair....probably because they were worried someone would show up with a major biological hazard.

Disclaimer: I don't know if any of this will work:

Loverboy says to use chicken broth in Knox blox. 

Here is one website that talks about it.

ETA: Loverboy also says the tough part is keeping the plates the right temperature (warm enough).

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If it looks ok and is still sealed I would use it. It sounds like all your cultures will be using the same agar. I wouldn't try to compare growth in that agar vs some other bacterium on a different agar. Companies need to put expiration dates on things for a variety of reasons and they are usually very conservative. In some cases, it is simply a date after which they don't have to track products for recall. The worst case scenario here is not very bad; maybe you will experience reduced growth or more difficulty in plating. If you can live with that, go for it.

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