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Confused with bearing away

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pg 45 


It gives direction but doesn't quite match the pictures of what to do. 
Directions gives you four steps. But the pictures only give three models. 


First step says for the child to trace but the first picture says Oral.

Second says to say the sounds but the second pictures says trace,

third steps says pupil traces again but pictures shows bolded word. No tracing possible. 

4th steps says to move the cursor and have the pupil say the sounds himself. No fourth picture.


Am I missing something here?

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 p. 45 doesn't show the picture for "first" but if you go to page 46 you can see the letters that are supposed to be traced for 'First',  followed by three lines to be used with the 2nd-4th instructions ('oral, trace, read').  I think p. 45 is just meant for instruction but it is a little confusing without that first line of tracing.

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