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Silicon Valley to millennials: Drop dead....

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I think the article is ridiculous. The only actual facts Mr. Wheeler presents are unemployment numbers and such for the younger set. Everything after that appears to be conjecture and opinion. I can't speak to Parks and Rec;  I own no television.


So to him the jobs are Uber driver and other on-demand workers, or tech titans. Okay. What about the jobs created from medical devices and advanced surgical techniques? Marketing and sales in tech? Chips for cars automobiles?  Software used for movie animation and CGI, leading to many jobs in the entertainment industry? Advances in computation used in the airline industry? Software and hardware for roller coasters and theme parks around the world? Control software for wind turbines and solar panels? Has Tesla not created any jobs with their new battery factory in Nevada? I could go on and on and on.


It's disingenuous to think that all Silicon Valley does is make web sites, software, and apps, and the only people who benefit from the job creation are in Silicon Valley. There are a lot of non-glamorous jobs created by lesser-known companies in SV but perhaps he's unaware of them. It sounds like he's heard of only the well-known household names. CNN says he lives in Lexington, KY. Has he driven around the valley and seen what's here? There are so many tech companies doing unglamorous things but creating jobs elsewhere. I assume he wrote his missive on a computer designed in Silicon Valley, maybe with an Intel chip inside? Would he have a job without this device, I wonder?


Sorry, I'm not attacking you at all. :)  It just makes me angry. There are plenty of reasons the younger set is having a lot of trouble finding jobs and I feel for them, I really do. 

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I think the author was struggling to find something meaningful to write about.  Unfortunately, its mostly uninspiring drivel casting far too much blame on the Silicon Valley for the apparent lack of middle class jobs.  It doesn't take into account all the solid STEM jobs created by these companies not to mention the many other jobs being created by companies 'not' in the Silicon Valley.  

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