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Beach weather in December?

Sarah CB

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I'm trying to figure out where our family can go for a beach vacation that won't break the bank.  We're stuck with December 18 as the earliest we can leave and Jan 2 as the latest we can be gone, so we're traveling at a very pricey time.


We have family from both coasts and from the middle of the country who are all going to meet up in one place.  


We've looked at Tuscon, Arizona - great vacation rental by owner properties for great prices, unfortunately the weather doesn't look hot enough for swimming and it might be pricey for some of us to get there.


Florida - flights are tricky but could be doable.  Looks like VRBO's are pricey.  


Is there anywhere else in the US that would be beachy in December?  Hawaii is out - I think it's about $2500 per person to fly there from where I am during those dates.



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If you actually want to swim, then anywhere north of South Carolina is definitely out on the east coast.  I could go as far south at Tybee Island, GA as not being warm enough to swim.  (We were there last year in March and it was barely warm enough then.)



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Actually GA may be warmer in December than March, but I wouldn't count on being warm enough to swim. I think if you want to COUNT ON getting beach weather you need to be south of Orlando.


I don't know anything about Texas weather. Maybe someone will pipe up about some gulf coast locations there.

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For a December 18 - Jan 2 vacation at a beach, I'd look into going somewhere in Florida at the Orlando/Tampa latitude or lower. I live in northeast Florida on the coast and it can be windy and cold. Same with the panhandle. You might try lesser known beaches. Anna Maria Island is great on the west coast. You have all of the amenities of Tampa nearby but Anna Maria is a smaller island.  Go a bit south to Sarasota and it will be pricier. Even further down is Ft Myers and Sanibel Island. Those are going to be WARM in December and downright nice swimming weather. But it's the beginning of their season, so prices are higher. 


On the east coast, Palm Coast tends to be less expensive, but it will probably be too cold to swim. Cocoa and New Smyrna might be really good choices. They should be warm, the East Coast is my favorite beach :) and you'll probably be able to swim. 


Here's a link to some beaches at the Orlando/Tampa latitude. http://www.orlandosentinel.com/travel/beach/orl-closestorlando-story-story.html


Hope that gets you started!


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