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homeschooling and working out of home

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Looking for a little insight from others who homeschool their kids and also work out of the home. I am a single parent and I work as a banquet server. Technically I am fulltime status but some weeks I will only work 3 days or work all evening shifts just based on what events are going on. Right now for instance the hotel has very little events schedule so this week I only worked some long weekend shifts and had lots of time for schooling with the kids. Generally this has worked out well, I mostly work evenings and weekends and even on the weeks that I work crazy hours my mom watchs my kids and is good about monitoring any work I give the kids to do while I'm away.

This is our first year trying homeschooling though and I'm worried that we did enough and that I had enough time to put into it. I feel pretty good about it in general but am just going by instinct and have not tested the kids to see if they are finishing this year anywhere near their "grade levels". I'm trying not to think of grade level as important since that is kind of the point of homeschooling- getting away from the standards and all- but it's still got me wondering if I can give the kids enough time to teach them properly.

I guess I'm just looking for other experiences with work and school and am also wondering if others find they need to school year-round to get it all covered? It looks like we may have to try that

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Schooling year round may be a good option.


I work 3 full days each week, used to be full time but I hated being away so much.


I assign quite a bit for my son to do with his grandmother, and I do the more hands on stuff on my days off (science projects and First Language Lessons, which is scripted).

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