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How does Rod and Staff deal with electronic citations and Internet research?

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This may be better suited in the high school boards, but I was considering Rod and Staff for my son as it is thorough and goes to high school with solid composition. However, R&S is a Mennonite company, and while Bible and farm life references don't bother me, I wondered how they deal with technology in research papers and composition. Do they cover footnotes and citations in computer typing, Internet references and Internet research? I did see library references, which I think is still an important skill.


Other than maybe A Beka, are there other curriculums that cover grammar comprehensively with diagramming as well as Rod and Staff that cover most of the grades? (We have a good writing program, so that is not as high as a priority.)

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Footnotes and bibliographies are covered. What I discovered myself when home computers became common and I was using them is that the knowledge I had about doing research and documenting and all that made it easy to master doing it on the computer. It has as much to do with knowing the software you're using as with knowing it must be done at all.


IOW, I wouldn't *not* use R&S's English just because computer stuff isn't covered. It's easy to learn how to do it (if you know how to use your software, that is).

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If you otherwise like Rod and Staff, just have a quick reference there for MLA formatting for internet sources.   Here is one  link that you could use to supplement for what goes where



and they even have a video on how to format in the word processing





(I liked the layout of this college's OWL better than the other one I usually recommend, Purdue.  my eyes are old and all of that)


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They don't deal with it; they have no need for it. But for us, it's worth using the curriculum anyway and checking out Purdue Owl for online citation guidelines.

Purdue OWL is very useful and complete. It's been our go to site for citation formatting this year. I think it's enough to teach MLA format even without a textbook.

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Thanks! We are using CAP for writing and love it right now. Not sure what the upper level books will be yet, but I would think they would cover citations. I could always supplement with Warriner's or a style book. Long time before high school, but given that it is Mennonite, I was curious how it was handled. I would be using it more for grammar anyways.


Thanks for the answers!

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