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Ugh....trying to work out DD's travel for the SSAR conference


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I really don't like doing long drives by myself. It's 8 hours.


We're looking at over $400/person, plus $70 per person EACH WAY in shuttles to get to university, since the nearest airport is almost an hour away. Or we can greyhound-for $288 total for the two of us, plus about $20 in taxis to get to the university hosting. 13 hours and two transfers, though, including one in St. Louis at 3:00 in the morning.




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Can you do the drive over 2 days instead? I would think that that would end up being about the same price-wise as greyhound and a lot less inconvenient, once you add in 2 extra nights in a cheap motel.


The first evening should start comparatively late, so that leaves time to do 3-4 hours of driving that day to split it up, and still get in in time to have a rest-up before it starts.


Taking two days to drive, you'd have ample time to drive no more than 2 hours at a time, then stop at a diner for milkshakes or something and a good long rest.

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