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Why should we NOT do Rainbow Science? (Looking for 7th/8th grade science)

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Ds in 6th grade this year is doing chemistry with a mixture of Ellen McHenry's Elements, Christian Kids Explore, and Tiner's Chemistry. He did biology in 5th grade last year.  I've been counting on him using BJUs 7th grade Life Science with Mrs. Vick next year (and probably a physical science in 8th grade), but I'm beginning to open up to other possibilities.  


Is there a good reason NOT to consider Rainbow for 7th/8th grade?  I'm planning on Pre-Algebra in 7th, and if all goes well, Algebra I in 8th.  


Our school covering offers Apologia General and Physical Science for middle schoolers, but I'm not really sold on the General Science text (unless the teacher brings the text to life.)  Maybe the Physical Science text would be better....


But for now, please tell me if Rainbow throws up red flags for you all.



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Sounds like you don't mind the occasional Godly references in your science. (I've found more than I thought there would be.)


Depending on how often you like to do science, you may blow through Rainbow faster than you think. It also might be a little light for your ds. I'm intermeshing a little of McHenry's Elements into the second half of Year 1, so your son might find it a bit boring. 


Note:  I like it & it is just the right level & time commitment for my older dd. Just trying to throw some things out to help you think through it.

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It's a 'buyer beware' program with some seeming to love it and others not really caring for it. We had high hopes for it in spite of some of the negative or mediocre reviews.  Before this we had used Apologia, primarily.  After buying the program and reviewing it over we were significantly underwhelmed, unfortunately.  It was one of those live and learn homeschool experiences.  I had heard some reviews comment on it being too limited or light.  After actually getting to see it I just couldn't get myself to commit to using it as a spine for a year if that's all there was too it.  It wasn't horrible, just nothing really that great, especially when considering the cost.  Its rather skimpy, IMO, and would better used with something else.  We ended up selling it, cutting our losses and starting again in search of something more academically substantive.  

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