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Anyone ever heard of dealflicks? For movies?


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Somehow or other I stumbled onto a website called dealflicks.com.


I clicked on a movie, clicked on a time and it gave me a deal:


1 ticket and a medium popcorn for $7.  I have to pay through the website and use a mobile device or printed pdf (which will be emailed to me) to redeem at the theater. 


Is this for real?  



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Ok--I called the theater to see if they've heard of it and they have.  


We're going to get 3 tickets and 3 medium popcorns for $21.  WOW!!!!!!!


ETA: Normally would be $40.20.  


We'll be heading out the door in a few minutes.  If this doesn't work when we get there, I"ll let you know, but if it works, it's pretty cool guys.

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Guest swycl

Amateur Bee Keeper, came across your post and thought I'd share! I'm the founder/CEO of Dealflicks :) We launched 2.5 years ago to help theaters get butts in their empty seats by selling their tickets and concessions for up to 60% off with no convenience fees. We're now in 550+ locations and adding more daily. Glad that you found us and that you had a great experience!


I created a special coupon code for you and your friends, feel free to share it: BEEKEEPER


Please help us spread the word as we're still a new startup :) Here's some articles about us if you want to know more:








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