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help with skills focus

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OK,please forgive me if this is a bit rambling, I'm still working through my thoughts.


Basically, I'm feeling like I've been relying too heavily on the right 'curriculum' to tell me what my kids should learn and when - for example, the grade x book does this topic so i guess this topic is important for grade x- rather than knowing what skills I want to focus on first and then choose an appropriate program to work through (or do my own).

This approach was fine with my oldest, but I'm finding it frustrating with my next child.


I went and looked up my state's learning standards and was thoroughly unimpressed. It was a world away from the classical ideals I want to pursue.


So what I would really love to hear from you all, if you would be so kind to share your thoughts, is what sort of skills you would focus on as a priority during each age range. I'm mostly focused on language arts at the moment.


K - 2


3 - 5


6 - 8


9 - 12


Feel free to break these up or condense as you see fit, add as much or little detail as you like.

Yes I'm rereading wtm and will reread the complete writer and fll intro.


Thanks so much!

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K-2. General. Good work habits (not whining, not daydreaming, and so on)

Math. Strong arithmetic foundation (+, -, x, /)

Reading. Reading in beginner books. Narrating orally what I have read aloud, and doing picture narrations.

Writing. Handwriting and grammar basics via copywork, and then dictation.


3-5 General. Good independent work habits (learning to do work alone, to manage time, and so on)

Math. Preparation for algebra

Reading. Reading in chapter books. Narrating orally and developing written narrations.

Writing. Commonplacing, dictation, and begin original writing.



Is something like this what you are looking for? I'm curious to see what more experienced homeschoolers say.

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