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Memoria Press - Ancient Greece: Which series to use?

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I would like my middle-school son to finish the last half of the year with a study of Greece. I have both Famous Men of Greece  and The Book of the Ancient Greeks from Memoria Press (book, workbook, teacher guide) . I've looked over both of them and can't decide which one makes the most sense. FMoG obviously focuses on people while TBotAG focuses more on culture. 


I think I originally planned to integrate them and use both but now that I have the books in hand, and with our previous experience of using Famous Men of the Middle Ages, I don't think it's possible to use them both effectively.  I'm thinking I could choose one now and save the other for a quick review when we reach high school.  But, which one?


If you've used either of these books with your middle-schooler, I would love to hear opinions and thoughts.

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My son really enjoyed the Book of the ancient Greeks , the Dorothy Mills one. He loves learning about Greece, He never clicked with Famous men of Greece. He likes the mythological people of Greece more (Gods etc...)

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My oldest read Famous Men of Greece last year in 6th grade and read Book of the Ancient Greeks the first semester of 7th grade. She enjoyed them both and learned quite a bit from them, so I would let your son pick which one to read. Otherwise, if you are wanting one to be a quick refresher at some point in the future, FMoG is a lot shorter so I would save it.

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