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Just a happy comment about AR and fun reading

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I'm happy to say that Miss A has decided to stop trying for the AR Wall of Fame this year.  She would need to get about 7 points per week from now until June.  Last week she got over 8 points, yippie ki yay, but she decided she doesn't want to work that hard for the whole trimester.  And I agree.


Now we can relax and read the many lovely books we have that aren't AR books, or that have a reading level below late 3rd grade, or that are too long for her to remember enough to do well on the quiz.  I can stop deciding my next read-aloud based on whether it can be re-read by the kid for AR.  Since Miss E already "made the wall," she can also read whatever she likes.


Now to organize things so the good non-AR (or lower reading level) books can be enjoyed before my kids get too old for them.


The 4th grade goal is the same as the 3rd grade goal, so I think she'll find it easier next year.


I'm just happy a source of constant stress is going away.

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My son (2nd grade) just hit 25 points in AR> I think that is low. But he reads ALL the time and luckily it doesn't affect his grade.


He just doesn't usually read the sort of things they have tests on and, when he does, I don't think he's good at following through and taking the test. (Not so happy about this part)


What do you keep, paperwork wise, of all the stuff coming home?


I've got so much stuff for K,1st, and 2nd and I'm overwhelmed. and with DD starting preschool next year its about to double!


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I keep all my kids' graded papers throughout the school year.  The reason is that sometimes, teachers will mark a completed paper as missing / zero or get the % way wrong (like 10% instead of 100%).  It's good to be able to scan and email the evidence.  :)


As soon as the kids get their final report cards, I throw out everything except:

  • Trimester (formerly quarter) progress reports
  • Test results for standardized or computerized tests, including those periodic reading assessments they do
  • Awards such as Honor Roll certificate, presidential fitness, that sort of thing
  • Anything of similar importance.

I have limited space and no desire to expand that space.  And I'm not particularly sentimental about school papers (even art).  :P

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