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I decided this is the year to take care of myself


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That means:



Eye Doctor

Full physical


Finishing up with physical therapy


I tend to be the type of person that just puts my own stuff on the back burner in keeping up with all of the kids and their needs/appointments.  I decided that this year I really needed to just bite the bullet and take the time to get all of these done for myself.


 I have 3 appointments for myself before the end of the month and a total of 10 medical appointments for the family, 5 foster care visits, 2 social worker visits and 5 bio parent visits....................along with me going to Montana for 5 days..........oh and emergency vet appointment today for one horse and then spring shots/check up/coggins for all 3 horses as well.


Maybe then we will be done for a few months :-)


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Good for you. I am the same way. This year I am looking out for me. 


Putting off my own needs has come back to kick me in the rear. Like I said in the other thread, I have not seen a doctor in many years. I have kept up on eye doctor visits because it's hard to navigate life when you are nearsighted and can't see.  :laugh:


It sounds like you have a busy month. It is good that you are making yourself a priority.


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I will hopefully get this all done,....except the cardiologist (in May) this month.  I am "fluffy" but very healthy overall.  I just need to follow up with the cardiologist every 2 years as I had open heart surgery as a 3 year old and then congestive heart failure as a young teen.


I am also trying to link up with several friends to walk each week.  I figure that I don't really have the time to just "sit down and have coffee (which I don't drink)" but we all enjoy walking so walking and talking is great as we get 2 things done at the same time.

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Thanks plansrme.  Somewhere along the line my profile picture got deleted and now I tried to upload one and it was too big.......and I honestly don't feel like messing around too much with locating a picture, resizing it, etc.

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